Trailer: Introducing the Arc Benders Podcast

We are so excited to be bringing you the Arc Benders podcast!

We created this show to challenge you to be bold enough to live an extraordinary life with impact.

Each episode we will be bringing you interviews with inspiring guests who are blazing new trails in driving positive change.

Our goal is to bring you these stories in such a way that it both inspires and entertains you. The last thing the world needs is another boring podcast!

We have submitted the show to all the popular podcast directories. It’s currently pending review on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play, so we’ll let you know ASAP when the show is up there! For now, you can subscribe on:

After you’ve subscribed, please tell your friends about us! And remember, the best gift of all is a review and a 5-star rating. That will help us reach even more listeners like you!

Christina & Alisa

P.S. Super big thanks to Ryan Levin for the sweet beats!