Proving there isn’t just one way to drive positive impact

Dr. Thomas Rashad Easley is a Forester, Professor, and Rapper. He has spent most of his career as a diversity professional with a focus on the recruitment, retention and diverse talent in the natural resource disciplines. He is currently the Assistant Dean…

Helping Changemakers Leverage the Power of Creativity

Mailande is a modern-day renaissance woman and champion for the power of creativity. As she uses her talents to help mission-driven organizations communicate their stories, she also seeks to use her own creative risks as a catalyst for helping others…

Just Get Started: Converting your ideas into a real business Geraud Staton, Founder & Executive Director of Helius Foundation

When people tell me “I’m thinking about this thing…” my reaction in my head is “call me when you start it.” I have yet to get any calls. That’s the biggest thing that I find. If someone really wants to do something, they really do it. There are exceptions for people who want to do something so big they don’t know how to take the first step. In that case, ask for help, get support, figure it out… and then get started.

Combining Adventure with Animal Conservation Nora Livingstone, Founder & CEO of Animal Experience International

We put so much pressure and so much stress on figuring out where you’re ‘supposed to be’ in life. If you want to change the world, you will. Just stay the course and know that you’ll get there, you’ll figure it out. It takes all kinds and it takes so many different models to drive change. It’s those small incremental changes in each industry, that together will change the world.  

Education 2.0: Working with Schools to Create the Next Generation of Innovators Anne Jones & Dan Gonzalez, Co-Founders of District C

"Some people told us schools will never do this, teachers will never do this, businesses will never do this. They talked about obstacles as insurmountable, deal breakers. Some said I’ll be in touch and we never heard back… even after the third email. Other people reacted differently. They shared our excitement and passion, they saw obstacles as things to be overcome with creative solutions, they were responsive, and they saw an opportunity for students that they wanted to be a part of. Follow the energy when you are starting. It may be tempting to spend your time convincing the skeptics, but you have limited time and energy, especially in the early stages of the business. Spend it on partnerships that give you energy, not those that drain it away."

Impact is King: Creatively Driving Change David Billson, Co-founder of rTraction

"We typically get caught into what the world perceives us as- you’re a writer, developer, photographer, neurosurgeon. That’s at the top level of how you’re expressing your why, but when you can get down into what you truly want to do, it opens up unlimited possibilities. It explores the best way to maximize your purpose. Once you have your why, the rest comes down to tactics."