The Arc Benders Podcast

This podcast was created to inspire you to live an extraordinary life with impact... on your own terms.

The last thing the world needs is another boring podcast, so in a quirky & authentic way, we cut the crap and get honest about what it really takes to drive positive change. We tackle topics that range from burnout to dead squirrels (you'll have to listen to Episode 1 to get that reference) and from bias to how to design a life with purpose.

So to help you find your path — and to keep you inspired along your journey — we share stories of "Arc Benders," inspiring leaders from different backgrounds who are making a positive impact. We ask them to share their journey towards making a difference, the obstacles they've had to overcome, and the advice they have for other people working to "bend the arc."

These interviews have changed our lives, and we're confident they'll change yours too.

I've been following this team since they got started and love how they are filling the void in a much-needed area of inspiring (and entertaining) everyday people to break out of their molds, take on the mystery of how to make change happen, and experience the support, community, and levity that can come from incorporating this work into one's life.

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