Maggie Kane behind the counter at A Place at the Table

Episode 5: Persistence + Storytelling + A Place at the Table Maggie Kane, Founder & Executive Director

"What got me started, if it was one piece of advice, my old mentor said to me, and this is prior to A Place at the Table, 'Maggie, your greatest passion meets halfway with the world's greatest need.'... to me, it really stuck with me and that's why A Place at the Table is here. My greatest passion is loving people. My greatest passion is making people feel included and welcomed and loved and cared for. That means people with means and without means. I think Raleigh's greatest need was a place like this. A place that really brought the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' together."

Trailer: Introducing the Arc Benders Podcast

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Behind-the-scenes preview

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